Zero Gravity Ventures Limited is a buzzing start-up e-Commerce venture from one of country’s leading conglomerates – Ananta Group. Its purpose is to build, launch and grow online businesses better, faster and cheaper. It’s the goal of Zero Gravity to create and cultivate multiple new businesses by 2020.

Today’s life often stacked up with busy day-to-day schedule and to accelerate it, online shopping plays a major role by saving time & money. We currently run two leading online businesses: – country’s first and leading B2B e-Commerce, online shop and – a B2C online shop – an amazing destination for everyday lifestyle.

We are here to reinvent and redefine productivity and business process, whether it’s the productivity of you on your way to the office struggling with the huge everyday traffic, or whether it’s the productivity of whole organizations or even the nation, with the help of e-Commerce technologies.

Zero Gravity hosts a lovely office at Banani & Warehouse in Baridhara. We believe in a friendly yet professional approach to work. Our mission is to create a new era in the world of e-Commerce.